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Theme Weeks

On the WH site
throughout the year, we
have developed "theme weeks" that help generate buzz, traffic and overall allow the brand to pump out additional content focused
to one vertical more
than usual. Each theme
week falls into the main verticals/pillars of
WH: fitness, health, beauty, mental health, food,
and weight loss. 

Sexual Health Week

Art Directed the photoshoot and commissioned the illustrations to support digital stories, social posts, and homepage assets. Created motion assets with the illustrations to elevate the user experience and overall look. 

Breakfast Week

Worked with an illustrator in developing a badge for the 2019 Breakfast week; and incorporated the final badge into a motion graphic for the landing page as well as instagram stories to kick off the week. Also worked alongside the art director on set
to execute the various assets needed for social and the website during this theme week. 

Skincare Week

Went live in May, Skincare Week consisted of 15 digital stories plus social posts. I was the lead art director for the week and concepted color palette, shoot ideas, image selection, and overall execution of the visual deliverables
for the week. 


Snacks Week

Worked alongside the art director on set
to execute the various assets needed as
well as assist on the photo shoot. Was the lead designer in creating and executing the instagram kickoff design, badge design, retouching, and formatting the visual assets for their corresponding

Activewear Week

Brainstormed shoot direction, mood board, and overall visual identity for the 2019 Activewear week. Was the lead art director on set with the Sisterhood Leggings Digital Feature as well as the lead in visual assets
for the week.


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